Most of my art touches on childhood, on growing up and its anxieties. It is as much an exploration of memory as of physical experience. Not necessarily concrete memories, more moods and atmospheres, interwoven with elements from myths and fairy tales.

Working across various media, I use the physical as an entry-point into the psyche and try to make emotions manifest, making concrete what isn't/can't be spoken. I am looking for ways of considering difference and how it might be experienced, esp. the sense a child might have of not being, not feeling 'right'. I want to tell stories, but anything resembling chronology, cause and effect, conflict and resolution is not my thing. Rather I try to produce condensed snapshots of being, of inner life. There is a degree of innocence, but anchored in and evocative of bodily things, instinct, desire, pleasure, pain, loss. It is small and intimate work, intense and a bit scary in a fairy-tale sort of way, and loaded with humour, ambiguity and contradiction.